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Friday, October 21, 2011

My Latest Endeavors

Hey kids,

Just a real quick update on what's going on in my ever-changing world.  As a few of you may know, I've been given an awesome job at Blog Engage and it's been eating up a lot of my time (and no, I am NOT complaining).  I love my job over there, but I do miss taking out a little time here and there to write a post or two on my other sites. 

One of the things I do over there, is I write a weekly column called "What's Your Niche" and it's about finding niche topics that will help bring in a little money, but without blogging about the Make Money Online niche itself.  Too much competition in that one.

Anyway, in last week's post, I talked about how the Paranormal Field could be a very lucrative niche topic if were to be done right.  I was very happy to see the number of people who thought I was on to something, but what none of them realize (yet) is that I've just started a brand new blog with this very subject in mind.  Now please remember that this site is NOT done and not even close yet.  But I'd like to introduce you all to my new blog, Para-Mythic.  This site is all about the paranormal, myths, legends, stories, and whatever else I can conjure up in the future. 

I figured with all the different things out there that have to do with this subject, surely I can create a blog centered around the idea.  I plan on talking about different myths from the ancient world, discussing some of the various shows on television (the fake one and the reality ones), paranormal book sites, and a lot more.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them here or there.  Either one will put a smile on my face. 

I invite you all to join me in my new venture, and to stop by Blog Engage and see what's happening over there as well.  I'm very excited about my new digs and I can't wait to see what my little pee brain can come up with in the end.  This is one of my most favoritest subjects in this world and the next, so let's see where we can take it, shall we?

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