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Monday, September 6, 2010

I Just Became A Lady

I just found a cool site aimed directly at women bloggers. Introducing the Lady Bloggers Society. This is for all lady bloggers whether a stay at home mom or a home business owner, or even a little of both. There are all kinds of posts aimed at the female blogger, including writing tips and networking opportunities.

When I first started in the blogging industry, it was mainly an online version of the proverbial Boys Club. Now I'm not saying that in a bad way as I learned a lot from those boys. More than they'll ever know. But over the past few months that I've been playing with the giveaway sites and contest blogs, I've felt like I found my niche--my calling.

The Lady Bloggers Society is basically a single blog that all female bloggers can sign up with. Simply add the blog button to your site and fill out the registration form. In the works are a Lady Bloggers radio show and a free blogging session. And best of all, the creator behind this brilliant idea isn't just a lady who likes to blog, she's a mother, a writer, and runs her own home business. She knows what being a Lady Blogger is really all about.

If you're interested in meeting other lady bloggers and sharing ideas, this is the place to go. It doesn't matter if you're a college student working on finding your niche, or just a mommy bloggers who's looking for sales and coupon deals, you're a Lady Blogger and it's time you joined the Society.

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