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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Paranormal Books Giveaways

It seems that just about every giveaway site I visit is nice and pretty and kid friendly and perky.  It's like Disney land on steroids.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the sweet and friendly, but I also like a little variety in my diet.  The same goes for my giveaways sites and Dark Faerie Tales is one of my favorites.

I did a post about one of their other giveaways on a different blog a couple months ago.  The reason I like this site is because there is a whole slew of paranormal book reviews, trailers, and and more.  I love a good book and I love the paranormal.  Not the horror genre.  I like stories about vampires and ghosts and witch hunters.  Throw in an ancient flavor and you've got the recipe for a fun evening at home, at least for me.

One such book is called Queen of Shadows. This book by Dianne Sylvan isn't your typical vampire novel.  Here the vampire doesn't regret his ascension into the vampire's world, he accepts it.  He the leader of his sector and has found a way to seamlessly blend in with humans.  The female lead is a woman who's not your typical romance novel heroine.  She's a bold and brave woman who's succumbing to her own psychic abilities, and it's taking her to the very brim of madness.

This is one of those types of books that I could totally sink my reading teeth into.  One of those books that makes you late for work because you were up all night to see what happened next.  My favorite kind.  And here's the kicker.  You can win this book at Dark Faerie Tales.  I had to give it a shot as there was just something about it.  Maybe my psychic abilities are taking shape.  Oh wait, I spelled that wrong.  That's my "psychotic" abilities are taking shape.

So head over and check out this and all the other paranormal book giveaways going on right now.  If you love curling up with a good romance, this probably isn't the place to go.  But if you like a good romantic novel with a paranormal twist, (or any type of paranormal fiction), this is the place to see.


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