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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gift Card Giveaways

I love gift cards. If the occasion ever arises and anyone out there wonders what to get me for any particular event or holiday, gift cards. I don't care to where either. It could be to a store, a restaurant or drive-thru, a flea market, an online book fair, whatever. I save all my gift cards that have small amounts on them. Even if it only has a few cents left on it, I keep it. One year I did most of my Christmas shopping with a fist full of gift cards and a cashier who probably wanted to choke me. LOL

In honor of that poor girl who had to endure my shopping spree, I dedicate this list of gift cards being given away from various places. First of all, however, I have to thank Jen from Great Blog Giveaways for having such an awesome site. I found all of these card giveaways via her site. I highly recommend subscribing to her newsletter as she's got some killer giveaways listed.

Anyway, here's some of the gift card giveaways being held right now.

The team at is giving away a $100 Gift Card. The only requirement to entering this giveaway is that you leave a legitimate comment on any post on the site. Every time you comment, you gain one entry into the giveaway for the week, with a total of 10 per week allowed.  This round will end on Friday,  9-10-10.

In case you don't win the contest, you might try your hand at winning the $20 Gift Card being given away at Shibley Smiles. This card is being sponsored by This company makes it easy to send gift cards to friends and family all over the country, and the world. You can have your choice of physical gift cards or e-cards. It makes shopping for that hard to buy for person a lot eaiser. There are a lot of ways to enter into this contest, so run over there and get in on it while you can. This giveaway ends on Friday, 9-24-10.

Finally, check out this site I found through Jen's site. It's called and this is kind of a cool idea. Each day this site gives away a gift card to one commenter. To enter, simply sign up and leave a comment. Only one comment per member per contest. Most contests last only 24 hours, but some last a bit longer. As soon as the contest is over, the comment section is closed. Then, one lucky winner is chosen from the comments.

So there you go. A few places where you can go and try to win yourself a gift card. We all love having a little extra money, but when it's free to begin with, it's just that much more fun to spend.

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