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Thursday, September 9, 2010

BlogFest 2010 Giveaway Extravaganza

Hey check this out. Effective immediately A Journey of Books is hosting one of the biggest blog carnival giveaways I've ever seen. Granted, I've only been a part of a couple other blog carnivals and it was a couple years back. But!!! I'm not joking about the fact that there are a lot of blogs involved in this one. It's amazing.

Here's the gist of the whole thing. I found out about this from one of my favorite book giveaway sites, Dark Faerie Tales. From there I headed over to the BlogFest 2010 page and got the details. Each blog entered into this carnival is hosting a giveaway of their own. DFT is giving away a huge prize of at least 95 books. I may never have time to write another blog post again. LOL

Also, there is a Tracking Page where you can go and register and keep track of the number of sites you visit. Something was said about a grand prize at the end of the whole thing for the person who visits the most sites. You can also choose to keep your tracking list private or you can show it off to the whole world. Which I did because I'm an attention junkie. LOL

This blog carnival started at 12:00am EST on September 10th, 2010. It will end at 11:59pm EST on September 12th, 2010. That's 72 hours entering giveaways and working on winning as much as you can. And there may even be a grand prize in there somewhere for visiting the most sites. Don't know all the details there, but sure will be fun to find out.

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