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Friday, September 10, 2010

Kindle WiFi Giveaway From Bitten By Books

Well, I've spent most of this afternoon and evening joining as many giveaways as I can through the BlogFest 2010 party.  Honestly, I'm having a blast but I'm still under 30 sites total.  I look through the public list of others who are working on the giveaways and many of them claim to have already joined in all 254 giveaways.  What I find amazing is that I've found a few sites that haven't even listed their giveaway for the BlogFest yet, so how can these other people have joined in???  Oh well, I'll just keep plugging along at my own pace and pray I win something.  Even if it's just a couple of bookmarkers, I don't care.  I just wanna win something.  LOL

In my pursuit of entering all the giveaways listed with BlogFest, I did come across one that really struck me as being above and beyond the call of a basic giveaway. This is a prize that's worthy of being called a BlogFest Prize. The awesome webmistress at Bitten By Books is giving away a Kindle handheld WiFi reader. That's WAY awesome. I have the Kindle for PC's installed on my computer and I've been reading a few things here and there. But to have one that I could actually take to bed with me would totally make my day.

I love paranormal fiction.  It's quickly becoming one of my favorite genres in just about everything I read or watch on television.  Not horror, I think the two are completely different.  I don't like all the gross stuff, but I want the hidden mystery.  Not just a who-dunnit, but a who-dunnit/when-did-it-happen/where'd-the-dead-guy-come-from type of book.

Go get your name in the hat and see if you can't win this awesome Kindle WiFi, or any of the other great giveaways going on now through midnight EST Sunday.  You never know what you'll win, or how often.

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