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Monday, September 27, 2010

Free Diamond Earrings

I've never really been a fan of diamonds. I know, not very lady-like, but it's the truth. To me, they're boring and blah and not all that exciting. Now sapphires? That's a different story. I love sapphires---dark blue sapphires---my birthstone. *Deep Sigh*.

Anyway, I've been hearing about a site called that are giving away free synthetic diamond earrings just for mentioning their website. Now, you'll notice that I said "synthetic". That means that these aren't the diamonds you find in the ground. These are man-made diamonds and aren't worth near as much as the real thing. BUT!!! In my opinion, these are much better because nobody had to tear up the Earth to get to them. Nor did anyone get hurt in the making of these diamonds.

Now even though the earrings themselves are free, the shipping and handling is NOT. However, for the small one-time fee of $3.77, they're all yours. Just post something online about the site and pay the S & H. That's it??? That's it.

I might keep these for myself, but then again, I might just give them to my daughter for Christmas or some other event. I haven't decided yet, but you can be sure that for $3.77, I'll be getting a pair of these myself. What can I say? I can't pass up a bargain especially if it's for synthetic diamond earrings.

Christine Senter


Traci66 said...

I have an award for you

Christine said...

Holy Moly. Thanks honey. I'm way honored. :)