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Friday, August 20, 2010

Search Engine for Giveaway Sites

Hey kids, check this out. I just noticed a new comment on my site about a new place where you can find giveaways from all over the web. And, all these sites are listed in one place. The site is called Giveaway Scout and it's a search engine for giveaways and contests. The nice thing is that you can add your own site and have your giveaways listed along with all the others.

So, what's the catch? From what I can tell, the only thing you've got to do is add a few lines that talk about the site itself. Then, add your site to the list and wait for approval. I decided to do an entire post about the site. Not because I thought I'd have a better chance of getting listed, but because I really think this could be a useful asset to those of us who enjoy getting in on the contest and giveaways circuits.

Normally, I don't keep any of the spam that comes onto the site, but there was just something different about this one. The person who posted the comment, Josh Healy, seemed genuine. He didn't try to hide the URL's in his name or fake a "real" comment in order to get his link out there. He came right out and said who he was and why he was leaving a comment. Honestly goes a long way in my book. Thanks Josh.

Anyway, I invite everyone to at least check the site out. It's kind of like a one-stop-shop for the giveaway world. There's even a widget that can be added to the sidebar of your site for all the latest giveaways listed on the site. I'll be adding it in just a few moments. And whether my site gets added or not, I'll be using this site to find all the latest giveaways.

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Heather said...

I think I will check it out. My blog isn't really a giveway, review or contest blog as of yet. I'm kinda just getting started. But I do have a page dedicated to reviews and giveaways if I do any in the future. I am following you from Bloggy Moms. Would love for you to follow and visit me as well! :)

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