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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blog Like A Rock Star

It's been a long time since I blogged about a contest, but I've found one I've got to talk about. Not because the prizes are so astronomical (but they are cool), but just because of the name of the site hosting the contest. I'm talking about a site called I always wanted to be a rock star, but this is as close as I'm ever going to get.

Ok, so let me tell you about this contest. This is RockStarTemplate's first contest, and they are giving away some pretty cool items, er, packages. I say that because there will be 3 top winners, who will be getting more than just 1 thing each.

First of all, the 1st place winner will be getting a gift voucher from worth $50, $20 worth of banner advertising on the site, $15 cash sent to their paypal account, a link to a PR4 website worth $15, and a personal review of their site.

The 2nd place winner will be getting the link to the PR4 website, the $20 worth of banner advertising on, and $25 cash sent to their paypal account.

And finally, the 3rd place winner will be getting the link on the PR4 website and 1000 Entrecard credits. Plus, everyone who enters this contest will have their link put on the RockStarTemplate site for one full month.

For more information, I suggest you check out all the contest details for yourself, just to make sure you get in all the points you can. This contest will run through September 25th, and the winners will be announced on the 26th.

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