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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Toilet Girl's Boyfriend Arrested

I am so shocked about this next load of crap. Ok, the end of last month, authorities in Kansas found a woman who had been sitting on the toilet of her boyfriend's house for 2 years. She'd been there for so long, that her skin had began to grow around the toilet seat.

Well, because her boyfriend had waited so long to call the authorities, he was charged with a misdemeanor, citing endangerment to a dependant adult. And that's where the story ended, or so everyone had thought. Well, not so fast.

It seems the boyfriend was once again arrested this past Sunday. According to court documents, the boyfriend was arrested, not for endangerment to the girlfriend, but for exposing himself to his neighbor's teenaged daughter. OMG

So, while the entire world wonders what was going through the mind of the woman who sat on the toilet for 2 years was thinking, shouldn't someone ask about the boyfriend? I think he needs more help than the girlfriend.

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