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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Another short story published

I'm so happy. I just had another short story published at The story is called "Wild Rose" and is about a little rose growing in the middle of nowhere, and the prayer she sends up to God. It's a very short story. In fact, it's what is known in the writing community as flash fiction.

I wrote this story almost 3 years ago, and just left it sitting on my computer. I'd posted it in a free forum a while back, but got no response to it. I figured it meant that it sucked and removed it from the site and never really thought about it again.

That is, until last night when I decided to submit it to and see if it would be accepted for publication. I'm very happy to announce that it was. Whoo Hoo. The best thing about is that the story will earn me a small amount of money for years to come. The way the site is set up, authors earn money for each time the ads on their page are visited. I had 3 stories published a couple years back, and they are all still earning me a little bit of change each month. No, I'm not making large amounts of cash, but every little bit helps.

I was totally thrilled to find out that I had another story published. Makes me want to sit down and write a few more. :)

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