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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A new place for bloggers to hang out

I kind of excited about this, as my friend Garry Conn had created a new place for his fellow bloggers to hang out and exchange ideas. It's going to be a place for beginners to learn from those who have come before, and a place for the probloggers to offer up tips and tricks on all aspects of the blogging process.

It's called The Bloggers Message Board, and that's exactly what it is. At the moment, it's still being perfected, but you can still register and get in on the first few conversations. This forum is still in it's infancy, as it's only a few days old. However, this could be a great place to pass along information and gain some new insights.

Though there is a section on how to make money blogging, this message board will focus on everything that has to do with blogging. Including where to find templates for your blogging platforms, tips for beginners and pros alike, and even a section devoted to writing. (Yeah!!!)

For anyone who posts blogging tips on their blogs, they find that their information is quickly pushed down as they continue to post. With a forum, all that great information can be brought to the forefront in a matter of seconds.

I invite everyone to come check out The Bloggers Message Board. No matter what level of blogger you might be, this is a forum for you.

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