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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Out of the blue

I got the suprize of a lifetime today. And it was actually a good thing. LOL

This past July, I ran across a blog contest and went ahead and entered. I wrote up a post about a site called Cranking Widgets and sent it in. Well, I never heard anything back a figured that they picked someone else as the winner and I somehow missed it. Well, I didn't miss anything.

As I was going through my RSS feed reader this morning, I noticed that the site had a new post announcing the winner and to my surprize, it was me. I nearly passed out. What did I win, you ask? I won $50. Yes boys and girls, I'm 50 bucks richer than I was last night. And I didn't even have to set up an illegal poker room in my basement to do so. LOL

I want to thank Brett Kelley, owner of Cranking Widgets, for sending my winnings so quickly. I had the money in my paypal account within only a few minutes after seeing that I had won. The best part about winning this contest was that everyone who entered were placed in a randomizer that chose the winner. I never win anything like that. I was blown away.

So, boys and girls, remember, never give up. Even when you think that all is lost and there is nothing left, something good can always come out of nowhere and wrap itself around you.


Garry Conn said...

Congrats thats great! So where are you taking us out to dinner?

sapheyerblu said...

Out to the kitchen. I still ended up cooking. LOL

Mike said...

hehe...what a nice surprise. Congrats :) I think the last thing I won was one of Polli's cool little Polliwogs :D

sapheyerblu said...

That's kind of funny, as I think that's the last thing I had won up until today.

It was a really cool surprise, as I had totally forgotten that I had even participated in that contest.


Anonymous said...



sapheyerblu said...

Thanks hon. I was so shocked. LOLOLOL

Made my whole week.

Huggie said...

That's awesome! Any idea what you're going to spend it on? Maybe some mugs to hold your SapheyerBrew? ;)

sapheyerblu said...

Huggie Bear,

I've missed you so much. I would buy beer mugs but you know what. That S.O.B. never sent me my beer. I even emailed him and still nothing.

Oh well, I'd probably just turn into an alchie anyway. LOL

Thanks for stopping in. You made my day, sweetie!!!!!

Huggie said...

What?? That's awful! I'm sorry to hear you never got that, I know you were so excited you won it...and really, so was I on your behalf! ;) Well, maybe you can use this money towards getting one anyway. Or maybe a poker game or something instead.

sapheyerblu said...

OOOOo, Poker. Yeah baby. Yeah, I was pretty bummed and I'm thinking about sending the contest holder another email about my beer, but don't know that it would do much good.

I hate being one of those people that constantly bugs people about this kind of stuff. I know I should be a little more aggressive, but I don't want to be seen as a total snag.

What would you do, hon?

Huggie said...

I would be frustrated like you, but at the same time I wouldn't be completely surprised given the anonymity of the Internet (unless it's a well known blogger or something).

If I couldn't get ahold of the person who held the contest for awhile, I'd probably end up trying to write a blog post about the problem with blogging contests, listing that blog specifically as an example of someone that is clearly unable to be trusted. Then I'd try to get my post seen by bigger blogs to hope they link to it in their weekly posts so that others see this blogger is scum. :P