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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I found a cranking widget

I found another contest that has me all a twitter. It’s put on at a site called Cranking Widgets and after checking the site out, I knew I had to enter.

The blog’s owner, Brett, has set up a blog on a topic I never would have thought of, Getting Things Done. It’s that simple. There are little tips on how to improve productivity, free software downloads, and few other personal ramblings that makes this blogger a bit more realistic.

The first thing that grabbed me about this blog was, of course, the contest. Now, as I’ve said in the past, I love a good contest. This one carries a $50 prize tag with it, and that really sparked my interest. The rules are pretty simple. Write a review of the site (200 word minimum), placing a link back to both the contest page and the homepage. This contest will end on August 1st, or when the site has received 30 reviews, whichever comes last. In the end, one review will be chosen at random.

I took my time checking the site out before making any decisions about it, and liked what I read/saw. It’s a fun site. Brett gives some pretty good tips on productivity, a few things I think I need to try myself. However, he also shows his personal side with his posts about his family.

Be sure to check out Brett’s bio. If you want to know why he named his blog, you’ll find the answer here.


Kim said...

this is great review Sapheyerblu !!!!!
good luck with the comp....
love the pink in your blog decor and that rockin' award matches up perfectly ......

Danielle said...

You love contests as much as me! I can't wait to host one - I think it will be so much fun to give away a prize.

BTW - I still plan on doing a post about my fancy new award, I am just waiting because I am figuring out who I want to pass it on to. It's my first award to so I need to pick out a new dress to wear to the award ceremony! :)

sapheyerblu said...


I know the feeling, hon. I think I've just about got all the details figured out for my first contest, so keep your eyes opened. And let's all hope that I don't jump out there and land on my keester. LOL