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Saturday, September 1, 2007

*This is a sponsored post*

As I've said before, I'm very excited about having this blog approved for paid posts. I've always liked the idea that I can get paid for blogging. One of the sites I've been approved with is I've been a member of Smorty for almost 6 months now, and though I haven't made a ton of money, I have to say that as far as blog advertising goes, this site isn't all that bad. is designed for both bloggers and advertisers. Bloggers can either choose from the open jobs posted on the site, as well as have jobs emailed to them. Smorty tries to make sure that the right job is sent to the right blog.

For the advertiser, Smorty will work to help you create the best campaign for your site. They will help choose the right blogs to have your sites reviewed on, and look at over 20 different criteria in their blog decisions. stands to be a great company for both sides of the board. Membership is free and the turn around time is usually around 72 hours, as they try to look at each blog as it's placed into the system. If for some reason your blog is rejected, Smorty will send along the reasons why. Once the problems are fixed, you are welcome to resubmit your blog. is still relatively new, but they are striving to keep their members happy. Whether you're a blogger or an advertiser, has a place for you.

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