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Friday, August 31, 2007

The Last Happy Post

Well, here it is. The last day of August, and the last of my Happy Post Challenges. It's been a pretty good month for me and I've had a lot of things to be happy about.

I wasn't sure what I was going to write about earlier this morning, but then I got a phone call that would make my decision much easier. My boss at my "real" job called this morning to let me know that they were closing for the whole Labor Day weekend. Normally, I would have had a 3 day weekend, but today I was informed to "Enjoy a full 4 days off".

Of course, not having to go to my "other" job doesn't mean that I will be slacking off for the next 4 days. No, I've got way to many things to get done here online. Between getting posts done on my other blogs, getting my posts completed for Garry Conn, and working to get things taken care of with BAO, I'll be busy for days to come.

The other good thing is that tomorrow officially started the Nebraska Cornhusker Football season. Yes boys and girls, Mamma Bear is a die-hard college football fan. I'm not much for professional football, but I love college ball. And being from Nebraska, I have to root for the home team. I get all dressed up in my red and white gear and scream at the tv from kickoff to the last seconds of the game. By tomorrow night, I'll have no voice to speak of, (pun intended), and I'll be bouncing off the walls.

So all in all, this is winding up to be a really great month. Gee, I wonder what we should do for next month. LOL


Huggie said...

The title makes it sound like you'll never have anything happy to post about again! Now that just can't be true, you're way too positive for that :)

Kelly said...

oh my word... a MONTH of happy posts? I would die if I couldn't complain in my blog. Way to go on making it!

sapheyerblu said...

@ Huggie,
Thanks honey. It does sound that way, doesn't it. Oops. You know me better than that. Besides, when I've got friends like you, I'll never be blue. :o)

@ Kelly,
I can't say that I posted a Happy Post everyday, but I did post quite a few. I did a little ranting as well, lol. If I didn't, I'd have blown up. LOL
Thanks for stopping by and feel free to come back anytime. :o)