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Monday, September 17, 2007

First BAO website officially launched

Yes, boys and girls, I am very happy to announce that the Blog Authors Organization has launched it's first official blog. I'd like to invite everyone to come check out FamilySupportForum and welcome Mark Sierra.

Mark is the owner of the highly rated MeandMyDrum blog, as well as the FamilyWebWatch blog. Mark is a wonderful writer and a true family man. That right there gets my vote. When he joined with BAO, I knew we had a winner.

FamilySupportForum is a blog that offers advise on family issues, tips on saving money, and a whole myriad of other useful information. The blog was originally started by Garry's beautiful wife, Angie. So Mark is going to have to work hard to keep up with all her previous work, but I really don't see that as being a problem for Mark. He's a very talented writer and I'm sure he'll do an outstanding job.

Again, I invite everyone to come check out Mark's new blog. Congratulations Mark, we're proud to have you on board.


silken said...

think I"ve seen that original blog, will have to check out the newest version...

sapheyerblu said...

Hey Silkie,

It still has most of the original work on the site, but now Mark is going to add his talents to the site and make it spectacular.

Hope you're having a good day.