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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Huskers get Shucked

My Nebraska Cornhuskers got shucked last night. That had to be the longest football game I've ever had to endure. The final score was 49 (USC) to 31 (Huskers). I was happy to see that we actually made 31 points as it was beginning to look like we were going to get a severe spanking before it was over.

The only upside to this is that USC is ranked #1 in the nation and we weren't expected to win, or even get close. However, it sure would have been nice to have beaten this team. My nephew who's in the military is going to rub this in my face for days. He's a die-hard Texas fan, and any time Nebraska gets beat, he's sure to let me know. LOL

The worst part of the whole this is that I decided to watch the game instead of the Highlander movie. What a mistake that was. I should have just watched the movie and drooled all over Adrian Paul. Oh well, knowing Sci-Fi, they'll be showing it again before too long. I hope so anyway. LOL

Well, I'd better go and dump my football depression into some housework. With any luck, this will be the only defeat we'll have to deal with for the season. If we can win the rest of our games, we'll still have a shot at a bowl game at the end of the year.

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