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Sunday, September 2, 2007

A birthday meme

Several days ago, my cyber-buddy Danielle tagged me for a birthday meme and I'm such a big dork that I just realized it today. LOL

Ok, here's the scoop. I have to explain things that happened on September 17, throughout history. I know a few, but let's just see how cool that day really is, other than the fact that I graced the world with my presence on that day. LOL

Here's how this meme works:
Go to the Wikipedia site and type in your birthdate
List 3 events that happened on your birthday
List 2 other birthdays that you share
And finally, list 1 holiday that falls on your birthday
I'll continue with the rules after I add all this information.

3 Events that happened on September 17th:
1.) In 1630, the city of Boston was formed
2.) In 1908, Lt. Thomas Selfridge becomes the first airplane fatality
3.) In 1984, Reggie Jackson becomes the 13th member of the 500 home run club

2 Birthdays I share:
1.) Hank Williams Sr. (born 1923)
2.) John Ritter (born 1948)

1 Holiday that happens on September 17th:
1.) Citizenship Day

Ok, now for the rest of the rules.

There are 5 slots listed below of those who have been tagged. You need to remove the first one and bump the others up one space, listing your name at the end of the list.

This is a miracle / Mariuca / Mike / Danielle / Christine

And finally, I must tag 5 friends to send this little ditty onto.

My choices are
BlogSire / Silken / Santa / Raven / ManoDogs /

Ok, there you go. All the wonderful details you'd ever want to know about the day of my birth.


silken said...

fun stuff! I'll be adding mine soon!

silken said...

all right, I've got it ready. I am saving it for a filler post this week! :)

sapheyerblu said...

whoo hoo,

very cool hon. Let me know when it's posted so I can come check it out.

Have a great day, hon.

silken said...

here it is!

ManoDogs said...

Hey lady! Thanks for the "meme." I dunno what a "meme" is, but it sounds kinda sexy, so thanks!

I meant to say something about this since you wrote it, but I have had a busy week. Unfortunately, I don't know five people to "meme." I don't even know if that's legal, if I did.

Still, I will try to "meme" something at some point in the near future.

And thanks again!

Lisa said...

This was fun, actually. Here's the link:

sapheyerblu said...

Thanks Lisa,

I had fun reading your post. Thanks for playing along. This was really cool.