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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Another productive Sunday

Wow, I actually got almost everything done today that I had wanted to do.

I've posted 6 posts today, including this one. I posted a new article about organic plant foods at PlantHelpers, I posted a new article at BlogWheels about the new 2008 Buick Lucerne, and I wrote up a post about Anthony Michael Hall at CelebrityVideosBlog.

Also, I've posted my weekly series at Each Sunday, I post writing prompts for you, my fellow writers, to write about. And finally, I had to post a public thank you to Garry Conn for creating a cool new header for The Sapheyerblu Review. I revamped the whole site, and he came along and made it even better. Thanks Garry. I also want to note that Garry has started his own website design service, and if anyone is interested, check it out. He's a whiz at site designs.

I realize that Sundays are the day when most people take it easy and catch up on their rest. For me, it's the day I catch up on my postings. I love being able to sit here and write to my little heart's content. And now that I've posted this one, I almost feel as though I have nothing more to accomplish today. Somehow, I find that sad. Hmmm, going to have to go find something constructive to do. LOL

I hope you all are having a great day, and keep coming back for more. You really never know what you'll find on this site. LOL


silken said...

not caught up...

we have clean clothes, but they aren't folded

haven't blogged much, but did get the school week planned out so that is good! :)

never enough time to do everything I WANT to do!

sounds like you have been a busy, busy bee

Garry Conn said...

You deserve an award for having the best time management skills. Nice work Christine... very nice work. If I could find more people like you. :)

sapheyerblu said...

LOL, Thanks Garry. It's nice to know I've got you buffaloed too. LOL

Sundays are the best time for me to get all my work done. It's quiet, laid back, and not many people need my undivided attention.

Thanks for stopping by, and I will try and get in touch with you some time this evening.

Danielle said...

How do you do it all?!?

As Gary said, great time management skills! :)

I am happy to see that you are doing so many wonderful things - letting everyone see what a creative and talented writer you are.

sapheyerblu said...

I wouldn't exactly call it time management skills, more like sheer determination. LOL

I have to admit though, I'm having a ball. Most would see all this as hard work, I see it as another step on the ladder.

Thanks for stopping by, hon. Been missing you around here.