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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Schmoozing, on a Sunday afternoon

I am making this my official happy post for the day. Why??? Cause I have been awarded the Schmoozing Award from my little pink buddy, Danielle. Thanks honey!!!

I would like the thank the blogging academy for this honor. I would also like to thank MyBlogLog for letting me spy on those who visit this site. The keyboard for holding up all these weeks, and of course, I'd like to thank all those who keep coming back for more. LOL

Thanks Dani. This is way too cool for me. Now I just have to think of 5 people to pass this honor along to. HHHMMMMMM, who's it gonna be?????

I think I'm going to do it like Dani and pass them out one at a time.


Linda said...

Hey, congrats! :)

(I came over from Danielle's blog.)


sapheyerblu said...

Thanks hon, and thanks for stopping by. I was so happy to get this award, I'm like a kid in a china shop. Or is that like a bull in a candy shop???


Linda said...

It could be both. ;)


Danielle said...

Honestly you deserve this award - I am ashamed I had not given it to you earlier. You totally embody everything that the Schmooze is all about. And you are always so pleasant and nice to every blogger you meet.

sapheyerblu said...

thanks Dani.

This award really made me feel like part of the community. I've always been a people person, and having this award made me feel like I made a difference in the blogosphere.

Thanks again sweetie.