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Thursday, July 5, 2007

A "Sevenly" Contest

UPDATE: This contest is now over and I'm happy to announce that I won one of the consolation prizes. 3 winners were awarded $3 each and one winner that posted a review of the site won $10. I won the $10!!! Yippy Skippy!!

Be sure to check out Ryan's site as he's going to be holding another contest on the 13th of this month. Thanks again, Ryan. You're my hero!!

One of my favorite sites out there is a blog called ContestBlogger. As I was checking out all the latest contest posts, I ran across one that I just had to try out for.

The contest is put on by a site called The rules are pretty simple for the most part. Here's the scoop:

The contest runs until 7:07:07 EST, on July 7th. 7 people will be chosen to win $7.77. You will receive 1 entry into the contest for leaving a comment on his site, 3 entries for linking to the site, and 5 entries for reviewing his site.

I ran through the site and quickly realized that it is simply a place for Ryan to let off some steam, throw out a few ramblings, and post a few sponsored posts. For the most part, it's a pretty basic blog. The only thing that struck me was his header quote. It reads "Let your couscous be your guide". Now I could be wrong, and it wouldn't be the first time, but I think that should be "conscience", not "couscous".

Ok, that's just the editor in me. Little things like that just seem to jump out at me. Of course, it only works when I'm looking at someone else's work. For some reason I can't seem to catch my own typos.

Anyway, if you're looking for some offbeat ramblings, check out Ryan's site and get your entries in for the contest before it's to late.


ryan444123 said...

I did the couscous thing on purpose, its just a crazy blog, nothing too professional. I got plenty of other sites for that. Thanks for the review and if you want a free one as well is offering free reviews for a limited time.

Sorry for plugging another one of my sites. Hehe. Thanks!

sapheyerblu said...

Plug away, my friend, plug away.

Nothing wrong with a little free publicity.

Thanks for commenting.

silken said...

I tagged you as a rockin' girl blogger. don't know if you'll play along, but check it out here .

ryan444123 said...

Thanks for stopping by. :)