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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Favorite Piece Of Technology

I found a really cool blog contest over at Blogger Compete and had to get in on it.  It's sponsored by Justin Germino and his very cool technology blog.  Seriously, if you've never seen this site, go check it out.  It's an awesome site.

Anyway, this contest is about discussing my favorite technological gadget or software.  And though most people are going to talk about their Smartphones or some app they can't live without, I have to talk about my Amazon Kindle.  I LOVE my Kindle.  I seriously don't know how I managed to read a book before winning this awesome gadget, and yes, I said "winning".  I was lucky enough to win my Kindle in a book blog giveaway last year. 

The first thing I need to express is the fact that I am NOT a techie type of person.  I don't have a fancy cell phone, I've never purchased an app from the App Store, and I don't even have an iPod.  I do have an Mp3 player, but only because I couldn't find a Walkman anywhere.  So when I found out I'd won a Kindle, I was a bit freaked out.  What it I couldn't figure out how to make it work?  What if I couldn't afford any books for it, and if I could, how would I get them on the bloody thing? 

It didn't take me long to figure out how to work my Kindle.  It's pretty self explanatory, though there is a manual already downloaded into it when it first arrives at your home.  It comes with the Kindle itself and a USB cord that also converts into an AC/DC adaptor (all in one, very cool).

I was one of those people who was NEVER going to use an E-reader as there was no way it could be better than reading an actual book.  Guess what.  I was WRONG!!!!!  I've read more books in the year I've had my Kindle than in the 10 years previous.  I know, it sounds bad but it's true.  And I don't think I could sit long enough to read an actual book anymore.  It's nice to be able to take 8 or 10 books with me when we go somewhere and not take up a ton of room doing so.  According to the device, my Kindle will hold like 3500 books.  I've probably got about 300 or so in mine right now, but am always looking for new titles. 

The reason I have so many books is because there is a cool thing on Amazon I didn't know about; free e-books.  Seriously.  New authors are always trying to get their books noticed by the public and being a freelance writer myself, I have to give my fellow writers a shot.  Some of them need a little work, but for the most part, I've had a blast reading all these new books and am thrilled with a lot of these new authors.

Yes, I'll have to admit that my Kindle is my tech junkie have-to-have.  I never thought I'd have one, but now I couldn't see myself without it.  And a special thanks to Justin Germino for hosting this killer contest.  I guess I didn't realize just how addicted to my Kindle I was until I started writing this.  And if ya'll want to get some really awesome blogging tips, go check out Justin's site.  It's one of the best I've come across.  I promise you will learn something from his site, whether you try to or not.  LOL


Dragonblogger said...

I have heard so many good things about the Kindle and now it is only $99. I am really looking forward to the Amazon Fire which was recently announced and the service offering is very strong and I really think it will be a contender against the iPad 2. I love my iPad 2 btw, though in bright sunlight it is hard to read where the Kindle and eInk are ideal for reading in bright light.

Dragonblogger said...

BTW, if you want to get more comments and bring in CommentLuv fans, convert this blog to using IntenseDebate + CommentLuv which I think is much better than the default blogger commenting system.

Christine said...

Thanks Justin,

I've never heard of IntenseDebate, but might have to look into it.

Way to go and be all awesome again. LOL