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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where To Find Stylish Uniform Scrubs

Hey kids, did you miss me??? Well I've been working my fingers to the bone trying to get all my other blogs updated, trying to get some sewing projects done, and even trying to find some nifty little sites to talk about and I think I did just that.

I used to be a housekeeper in our local hospital, and still had to buy my own scrubs. I wish I'd known about Blue Sky Scrubs then because this site has some really nice ones. I really liked wearing them when I was pregnant as they're very comfy.

I know a lot of the girls up at our local nursing home also have to buy their own and are always looking for women's scrubs that fit right. Sometimes when you buy off the rack they just don't fit quite right, especially the tops. Blue Sky has several tops to choose from, but not just your basic scrub type. They've got an entire line of stylized tops that come complete with detailed shirt pocket. And they come in gorgeous colors too.

Finally, they've got a whole line of lab coats, men's scrubs, and the most awesome scrub hats ever. I know these are meant to be worn while in surgery, but they could totally be worn for other activities. My hubby is an avid motorcycle rider, and though I have to wear a helmet to go with him, I end up with messed up hair. If I had one of these to wear under my helmet, I'd have perfect hair all the time. LOL

So hey, if you're looking for some new scrubs for work, go see the good people at Blue Sky Scrubs. Just because you have to wear a uniform doesn't mean you have to look drab.

**A special thanks to Blue Sky Scrubs for being our site's first sponsor. However, this review was entirely based on my own opinions of the company's website**

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