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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Going For Gold

In just about 30 hours, someone out there in bloggersville is going to a very happy person. I'm in the process of following as many blogs via GFC, Twitter, and Facebook as I can. Anyway those that are on the list that's being held by the divas at Little Yaya's, Simply Stacie's, and Survey Junkie. And just what is it that they're giving away this time (in case you've been living under a rock with me)? Someone is going to win $1000, and they are going to be chosen tomorrow night at 11:59pm EST.

I was shocked to see just how many of these sites I'm actually already a member of, but there are a ton more that I'm just now becoming aware of. And some of them are just wonderful. And I'm only through the GFC sites, I haven't even gotten started on the Twitter and Facebook sites. But I'm gonna go for it. I want as many entries in to this one as I can. I could really use $1000 right now, but then again, who couldn't?

So go check any of the three ladies mentioned above and get in on this before it's too late. There's not a lot of time left, but it's still possible to sneak in under the wire.

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Kenda said...

New follower from BlogFrog - hope you'll come by and say hello!