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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday 9

Okay, I found a really cool meme over at Annette FunneyJello's site. This is the same lady that used to be known as the Fairy Blog Mother, but I like the new name much better. And yes, she is very funny. A little on the naughty side, but in my world, that's pretty much normal.

Ok this meme consists of 9 questions. I'll post each question straight from Annette's site. But the answers??? Yeah, those will be all mine. LOLOLOL. So let's get this party started. LOL

1. Do you make and keep friends easily?
Absolutely. It drives my hubby nuts because I can walk into a room full of total strangers and leave a room full of life-long friends. I even make friends in the checkout line. Strangers are simply friends I haven't met yet.

2. Who was your very first friend?
Her name was Kimmi Baker and she lived across the street from my grandparents. We were both like 6 yrs old at the time. Then her family moved and I've never seen her since.

3. Who has been your friend the longest now?
That would my hubby's best friend, Ronnie. His wife is my best friend and has been since Jr. High School. But Ronnie and I have been friends since Kindergarten.

4. Tell us about your best friend.
That would be Ronnie's wife, Brenda. We've been friends for the better part of 30 years and have shared memories that neither one of us will likely remember. Partly because of our ages, partly because we were probably hammered when those memories were made. LOL

5. Tell us about the friend who gets on your nerves the most, and why.
Ummmm, no.

6. Tell us about the last time you let a friend down.
I try not to let my friends down if I can help it. There has to be a VERY good reason if I do, like a sick kid or hubby ran a drill bit through his thumb...again or something along those lines.

7. Tell us about the last wonderful thing a friend did for you!
That's not really fair because I see everything my friends do for me as being wonderful. If they send me a text saying "HI", I see it as wonderful. When they come into my restaurant for lunch just to say hi to me, that's wonderful. When they send me kisses and hugs and other stuff on Facebook, I see that as wonderful. My friends do wonderful things for me everyday.

8. What was the last ‘friend’ thing you did?
The last BIG thing I did (and will be doing again the end of this month) is taking care of a friend's cats--and her mom's cat--while they tour all over the country for various family and business events. I even go so far as to clean out their cat's boxes. I'm so awesome. LOL

9. Have your ever been jealous of a friend’s S/O?
Okay, I have to be honest here and say that I had to go out and find out what this meant. Yes, I'm old and all these new terms and things sometimes get by me. But now that I know it means "Significant Other", the answer is yes. But it was in high school and I later found out that he'd been playing the two of us against each other for months. We ended up kicking him to the curb and we are still good friends.

Okie dokie, kids. That's a few things about me. I hope I enlightened you, or at least entertained you, in some way. Until tomorrow, have a good night and a great day.

Christine Senter


Ms. Diva said...

Number nine happened to me also! I thought we had both kicked him to the curb, but it turned out only I had! Oh well!

Christine said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry to hear that. In my instance, we both married other guys and the one in question is in prison.

Helena said...

Numbeer 4 made me crack up. And number 9 made me chuckle at first- because you had to look it up, and I've so been there, and then I wanted to give you a high five for kicking that guy to the curb when you found out!

Helena said...


Christine said...

Thanks Helena. Yeah, I felt like a dork for having to look up S/O. I thought it meant Sexual Orientation at first and couldn't figure out why they'd ask that. Yep, total dork.