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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thrifty Thursday Sites Needed

I'm going to try and do something a little different. One thing I've really come to love about all the giveaway sites I've been visiting is the amount of posts and blogs about living on a budget and being thrifty and frugal. I'm totally all for that as a mom and a wife. I may not have small children anymore, but I still have to keep my family going from day to day. That being said, I still like having nice things around the house and have the appearance that I'm not a homeless person. LOL

So here's the thing. I'm looking for bloggers who specialize in blogging about thrifty crafts, living thrifty, thrift store finds, or anything else that can help others save money and reuse things they already have lying around the house. If you have a site like this and would like to be a featured site for Thrifty Thursday, please feel free to leave me a comment on this post or send me an email at:

In time, I'd like this to become one of those things that everyone else patiently waits for each Thursday.  So please, if you want to be a part of this, let me know and we'll get started.  I'd really like to put up the first post next week, so get in touch with me asap and feel free to pass the word around to the rest of the Mommy Bloggers.  Let's pass our thrifty ideas to everyone else and show the world that the only problem with the economy is that most people don't know HOW to shop.  


Diabetic Snacker Reviews said...

I wish you would get rid of that beautiful color background so I could read your post. I have low vision & that purple makes it impossible to read. Thanks, barb

Christine said...

K Barb, got rid of the purple background just for you. Hope this is easier on your eyes.