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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Free Stuff Online

Like most moms, and everyone else, I'm a sucker for free stuff. I love freebies and freebie sites. The problem is that a lot of freebie sites you find today require something in return, which isn't much of a freebie. I don't mind filling out a few things for something, but I won't do the "just add cell-phone number here" thing. Hubby tends to get a bit snippy when cell-phone bill gets out of hand. LOL

Though I do check out a lot of freebie sites each week, my favorite by far is I really like the way this site is set up as it's easy to find just about anything and everything you want. Choose from free stuff for moms, dads, kids, pets, and much more.

Now I won't go and say that everything you find on this site is worth your time, because it's not. There's always a little chafe left over with the wheat. But there are a lot of free coupons and samples that can be found throughout the site.

Sign up for the free weekly newsletter and keep up with all the latest freebies added to the site. You never know when they'll add that little something you've been looking for longer than you can remember.

Christine Senter

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