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Monday, March 3, 2008

The greatest computer deal ever

This is so cool. My husband brought home 2 used Gateway computers today, that he found. Apparently, my uncle's neighbors had a garage sale over the weekend. All the stuff they didn't sell ended up in the dumpster and in the mix was a Gateway 2000 computer tower, and a Gateway 400c computer tower.

Now, mind you, my husband isn't one to go out dumpster diving. But, when there are 2 computer towers are sitting on top of the rest of the junk that got tossed, he's not going to just let them sit there. He brought them both home and hooked them up to one of our extra monitors. Sure enough, both computers worked. I think they're going to end up being used for parts. He's already taken one of the RAM chips out of the smaller computer and added it to our son's computer.

My husband has always been one of those people who could find gold in a pile of crap. He can smell a deal a mile away, and if something needs fixed, he's the man to call. There have been a lot of times when he'll fix something and not be really sure how he did it. It's pretty amazing, actually. LOL

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