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Monday, February 18, 2008

SignTheGoogleGuestBook-Christine Was Here

Ok kids, this is kind of a cool blog meme that has nothing at all to do with link baiting, or link swapping, or anything of the sort. This is a search engine friendly meme called Sign the Google Guest Book.

A friend of mine noticed that when you typed the words "Sign the Google Guest Book" into Google, it showed absolutely no pages what so ever. Well, we've decided to change that. There are a couple of rules to this meme, but nothing to extreme.

First of all, create a your title like I've done with mine. Start it out with Sign The google guest book, but make sure it's all one word, then a hyphen, the "You" was here. And of course you put your own name or net name in that space.

The contest of the post really doesn't matter, but it would be a good idea to tell your readers what we're doing and how to play the game. Remember, we're not out for incoming or outgoing links, we're after SERPs.

After you've written your post, leave a comment and we'll all run around and Digg and Stumble each others pages. Let's see just how many of us can get our names up there on this poor empty page.

Here is the target SERP url:

The original meme post:

The original Digg url:

The original StumbleIt url:

Have fun and remember to let me know who's playing along. Good luck and Happy SERPing.


GGBMemeGuy said...

You're awesome! Thanks for playing... there are already three entries on the Goog SERP. This is pretty wild.

sapheyerblu said...

Well, hopefully mine will be there before too much longer. Might have to play along on one of my other blogs as well. LOLOLOL

Thanks Garry, This was a cool meme.

Owen said...

Hey, you beat the Digg. URL good job!

Ad Tracker said...

Very good, Christine!

You have position #1!

Garry's original post isn't showing at all.

Blogspot wins again! LOL!

I'm sure Google just loves you because you're so nice :)

Baby Bethany Rose said...

You got there first. Way to go!

sapheyerblu said...

Whoo Hoo @ Owen. Now that's cool. Thanks for the head's up.

@ A.T.
Let's hear it for BlogSpotters!! LOLOLOL. Thanks Sweetie.

@ Bethany-Thanks hon. I love it when I get good news. LOL

Homemom3 said...

Wow, this is fun and neat to watch. I'm joining in on this one. Going to have to catch up on all my favorite blogs today too. BTW- I left ya a comment on mybloblog. :)