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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Domain Registration Site for Australians

Since I bought my very first domain name, I’ve found that not all purchasing sites are the same. Some are built more for hosting than for domains, some are full service websites that meet every aspect of a webmaster’s needs, and some are designed for a specific region or country. Payless Domains is one such site.

This domain registration site is one of Australia’s favorites. Not only do they offer inexpensive domain names, they also offer email hosting, URL forwarding, domain name parking, and much more; all at no extra cost. Choose from, .com, .net names.

Payless Domains hosting services offers 4 different levels, ranging from 1 GB of space up to 4 GB of space. This gives everyone a chance to establish themselves online. All pricing on this site is AUD, unless otherwise specified.

One thing of note about this site is how easy it is to use. As I went through the site, I found everything I was looking for in a matter of seconds. That’s something I always look for in any site. They place their pricing guide link at the top of the page where it’s easy to get to, they make it easy to register, and they tell you up front exactly what you’re going to get.

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