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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bragging about my other kid

It's time I bragged about my other kid for a change. As anyone who's ever read anything over here, you often read about my son the stud-muffin wrestler. This time, I have to brag about my wanna-be-a-supermodel teenaged daughter.

Our school put on a regional choir competition today and both of my kids were in it, in different choirs. Stud-Muffin is in the top choir, made for juniors and seniors. However, my daughter is in the jr. high choir, which is like competition basic training. Well, jr. high choir was first ones on the stage this morning and they looked so cool.

As they began singing, you could tell that as a group they're still working on getting the dance steps in time, trying to concentrate on the words and moves instead of playing to the audience, and let's face it, they're all still a little clumsy. However, as the song progressed, one beautiful voice stepped out from the muddled mass of barely audible whispers. My daughter sang the song perfectly, did her best to put all she had into the dance steps (but no, she wasn't completely perfect in that), and smiled like she'd been doing this her whole life. I was so proud of my little girl that I clapped louder than anyone else in the room.

I've always been proud of both of my kids, but it seems that I've spent way more time bragging about my son's achievements than my daughter's. She's not athletic in any sense of the word. She got bored with Girl Scouts pretty early on. And her idea of getting exercise entails several laps around the mall. So, to know that she's going to excel in this singing thing gives me great joy. Who knows, maybe she'll be the next American Idol. Naw, knowing her personality, she'll be the next WWE Women's Champion.


Homemom3 said...

I understand the bragging about one kid and it seems like the other is never mentioned. Congrats to her though, sounds like it was something worth watching. Thanks for your comment on my blog today, yes that meant a lot to me and I wasn't sure if anyone would understand. Glad someone did. :)

sapheyerblu said...

Oh I totally understood. Anytime you get to hear your man say something that sweet about you, it kind of feels like when you first met.