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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Dream Vacation

One of my dreams is to someday make it to Europe. I’ve always wanted to see the Tower of London in England, Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, but most of all I want to see the Eiffel Tower in France.

I’ve always wanted to run around France and check out some of their finer attractions, like one of their world famous wineries. I love a good glass of wine, and I know that there has to be at least one winery in France that would offer a weary traveler some of their sweet nectar.

Another place I’d love to see is the Louvre. I’ve always wanted to see the Mona Lisa live, but then again, I wouldn’t know the difference between the original and a fake if my life depended on it. But, it would be so cool to say that I had the chance to see the whole thing with my own eyes.

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Anonymous said...

ok chris lets go to london but u have ot pay for the trip im a little poor boy lmao talk to u soon love ya xoxo