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Thursday, October 4, 2007

When did the 80's become the oldies

I felt like an old woman today, or should I say yesterday. My daughter came home and said that they were having oldies dress up day at school today and she was going to need my help. Hey, no sweat.

Then she told me that she wanted to dress like they did when I was a kid. When did the 80's become the oldies? I was in high school during the mid 80's, and most of the clothes I wear today are still the same things I wore back then. T-shirts and jeans. What's so oldies about that??

Well, I helped her look as "80's" as I could. She did the whole Madonna look, minus the black lace tutu. I stood there and looked at my daughter and thought to myself, "Holy crap, she looks like me 25 years ago". That's when I knew I was officially old.

I now know how my mother felt when I dressed up for oldies day. I did the whole 60's look, and thought I was the biggest geek ever for wearing those clothes. Yes, I called her tonight and apologized. A lot!!!!


Garry Conn said...

Age is nothing but a number... :)

Mike said...

That's pretty funny :) I was in high school from 91-94 so I guess if I were to dress up anyone to look "90s" it would probably be some ridiculous outfit highlighted by those oh so unforgettable MC Hammer pants, which I never wore of course ;D

sapheyerblu said...

OMG, MC Hammer pants. I remember those.

In the 80's, it was parachute pants. Pants made out of the same material parachutes were made out of, but so flipping tight that breathing was only an option.

Mike said...

Hahaha...I remember the parachute pants as well, except when I was in high school there was a not quite so tight variant of them. You could always tell when someone was coming because you could hear them swishing ;D