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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New kid in town

I was sneaking around the net this evening and had to stop by one of my favorite spots, Contest Blogger. Whenever I feel I've got nothing to write about, I know I can find something there, and I did.

I came across a new contest hosted by a new kid in town known as RookieBlogger. His (I'm assuming he's a he, don't ask me why) blog has only been active since the 15th of this month, and he's already sponsoring his first contest, where he's offering a cool $50 cash. Now, that's a way to bang your way into the blogosphere.

There are 2 ways to get your name entered into his contest. First one being to leave him a comment on any of his posts. That being said, I need to stress the fact that you can't just pick a post and say, "Hey, let me win your contest". Please leave a real comment to one of his posts. After all, we've all been there.

The other way to get entered into his contest is to give out a little link love. He's not really picky on how you go about doing this, but I've decided to write a post about his site. It's not required, but I thought I'd be nice. I remember being a new kid in town, and I thought this would be kind of like taking a plant to the new neighbors place. LOL

This thing is, his posts are pretty good. They're very informative, and a couple of them really made me think. Not something I'm prone to do on my own. LOL

So, run over and welcome the new kid. He'll be needing cookies, a couple of cherry pies, and someone might see if he's got enough blankets. LOL.


therookie said...


Thanks for the post about my new blog and contest. The advice you offered me so far is greatly appreciated.

sapheyerblu said...

My pleasure, baby.

I do hope I was right in assuming that you are male. If not, I'm gonna be way embarrassed. LOL

You just keep doing what you're doing. Won't be long and you'll have to remove the name "rookie".

Ad Tracker said...

You said;

"..and someone might see if he's got enough blankets."

LOL!! What a TOTALY Midwestern thing to say ;)

sapheyerblu said...

Aww crap, I gave myself away again. LOLOLOL

That's just one of the things we do for the new neighbors out here this time of year. LOL