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Monday, October 15, 2007

Nebraska Athletic Director Gets Sacked

Oh boys and girls, I've got some funny, yet useless, information to pass along. For anyone who's read my blog over the past few months, will know that I'm a die-hard Nebraska Cornhusker fan. However, over the last few weeks, that's not something to brag about.

It seems that due to the losses the team has taken over the past few weeks, and the fact that many of the school's biggest financial backers are walking away, the school's athletic director, Steve Pederson, has been fired. Not asked to step down, not given the chance to resign, just plain out fired.

Steve Pederson isn't a well liked man in this state. First of all, when in Nebraska, don't mess with our kids, don't mess with our tractors, and don't mess with our football team. We'll cheer for all different teams in the pros, but there is only one college team to root for in this state. Steve Pederson messed with our team.

First of all, he fired the former coach, Frank Solich. This coach had 9-3 season going, but was fired because Pederson didn't like where the coach was going with the team. He brought in Bill Callahan, who was fired from Oakland Raiders. Since then, we fans have watched our team fall further and further behind in the rankings and the scores.

This year, however, we started the season out with a bang, winning the first game 52-10. Cool! From there, it was just an embarrassment. We were barely beating teams that nobody had ever heard of before, and bigger schools were just stomping the team into the dirt. 2 weeks ago, they played against Missouri and got beat like a kitchen rug.

This last week was a home game against Oklahoma State. The team's former head coach, Tom Osborne was at the game. He led the Cornhuskers in back-to-back National Championships in 94 and 95, then again in 97. Also at the game was the entire 1997 team. We lost 45-14, the worst loss at home since 1958. It was also the first time in the school's 118 year history that they allowed 4 opposing teams to earn 40 or more points in a single season.

As of right now, Bill Callahan's job is still intact. There are a lot of fans who are calling for his firing as well, but the school has decided to let the new athletic director make that decision. Ironically, he also just signed a new 5-year contract with the team, but that may not matter in the coming weeks.

I'm very interested to see how the season is going to end up now. I'm sure there is more than one nervous person wandering the halls of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.


Mike said...

Try being a Syracuse football fan. Now that's something not to brag about :/ With every embarrassing blowout loss, we find ourselves praying the new athletic director and head coach will be fired. Ever since they showed up everything has gone from mediocre to absolutely

sapheyerblu said...

That's kind of the way Nebraska is going. They went from being the #1 team in the nation, to being removed from the rankings completely.

I feel your pain, my friend. I feel your pain.