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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Medical problems end football hopes

Well, it seems that my son's football team may be done with the game for the season. The team they were supposed to go up against tomorrow has forfeited the game, and the season.

It seems that there is a nasty case of staff infection going around these parts, and several members of the opposing team are either infected or doing everything in their power not to end up that way.

Tomorrow was to be the last game of the regular season, however, that will not be the case. The only way our boys will be going on to districts is if 3 other teams lose. If even so much as one of them wins, we're done. Needless to say, we didn't have a great season. However, we didn't have a bad season, as we did win our homecoming game. That always make things seem better.

I am praying for the other team and hoping that they all make a speedy recovery. I feel bad for those kids for not getting to finish their season, but I'd hate to see them end up sicker. I'm also praying for their families in hopes that this infection doesn't end up becoming an epidemic.

Maybe I should stop being a football fan. Seems all the teams I root for are going down in one form or another. Naw, I'll be a football fan forever.


silken said...

I read in Reader's Digest that this really is getting to be a problem. I hope the other team is able to overcome this w/ no serious side effects!

sapheyerblu said...

I hope so as well. There's already a rumor that one of the kids from that town has died from the infection, but for now, that is just a rumor.

I pray that's all it is.

silken said...

ohhh...I hope that is just a rumor.... :(

sapheyerblu said...

Hey Silken,

Unfortunately, we have found out that it isn't just a rumor. There have been a few confirmed cases of staph in that area.

Say a prayer for these kids and their families.