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Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Wonders of September

Aww, September. I so love this month. The changing of the leaves from green to red and gold, the coolness of the air as the temperature scales down, and the feeling that my face is going to explode at any given moment.

Yes, boys and girls, it's allergy season. I thought I was going to get out of it pretty easy this year, as everyone else around me had already began their trek through the decongestant aisles of the various stores. That was until I got out of bed this morning.

My head feels like it's about twice the size it should be, and that someone snuck in during the night and shoved my face full of cotton. I swear, if someone were to touch my face with a needle, it would pop.

Sadly, I go through this twice a year. Each spring when everything is starting to pollenate, and every fall when everything goes to seed. It's harvest season around here, so there are all kinds of lovely things floating through the air, and I'm allergic to most of it. LOL

There is an upside to all this though. With the onset of my allergies kicking in, I know that it won't be long and we'll have our first freeze of the season, and all the flies will be gone. Hey, if you can't find a good point to something, you're really not trying very hard. LOL

So, for the next few weeks, if my posts seem a little stranger than normal, just chalk it up to heavy medications. LOL


Jerseygirl89 said...

I sympathize completely. Though I'm on a Bendadryl/Claritin combo from April through October, it gets worse in September. I don't know why.

sapheyerblu said...

Bendadryl/Claritin combo. MMMMM, one of my faves. LOL

Throw a little 4-Way nasal spray in there and you got yourself a party. LOL

Thanks for stopping by and come on back anytime.

tina said...

Honey this little diddy just popped in my head so I just wanted to share it with you because it has to do with autum wich starts this month of September.

Well its officialy here autum that is. Changing the color of the leaves giving me the feeling that its time for me to let summer fade way and change into my autum colors before winter arrives washing all the colors away and leaving a clean canvas for next spring. Tina Edwards

sapheyerblu said...

Dang honey, that's pretty good. Very vivid. I just love it.

Thanks baby girl.