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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Win a month of free advertising

Hey everybody, check this out.

My friend Garry is holding a little contest on his site. It's actually very simple and the winner will receive a month of free advertising on his main blog. The contest is more of a test, than anything else.

Here's the details. Garry has listed 10 questions on his site and the person who gets the most right answers will win. The kicker is that he says that you can get all the answers from the Internet, so it's easy to get all the answers right. Personally, I did it old school. I didn't go look anything up, I just went with my gut instincts. I know I won't win, but what the heck. It's worth a shot.

Go check it out and get in on it quickly, before Garry posts the answers. And tell him Sapheyerblu sent you.

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