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Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Heroic Hubby

I'm always bragging about my kids, well this time I'm bragging about my wonderful husband.

My hubby, Jim, is your A-typical macho man. However, no matter how big and bad he trys to be, when it comes to animals, he's a big softy. Yesterday, on his way home from work, the woman in front of him hit a large bird with her car and just kept on driving. My hubby stopped his truck and got out to see if the bird was ok or not. To his surprize, the bird was an adolescent eagle.

So, Jim and one of his co-workers, who was driving behind him, found a large crate and brought the bird home. We tried calling every animal agency we could think of but couldn't find anyone to help with the bird. We tried calling the Game Warden, but he was out of town until Tuesday. We tried calling someone at the local zoo, but all we could get was a recording of their regular hours. We even called the State Patrol, but they couldn't do anything to help either.

So, not wanting to just leave the poor thing to the wilds, Jim called his mom, who's just as big an animal lover. She called her vet and within half an hour, my hubby was on his way to take the bird to the vet.

I'm very proud of my husband. He can watch movies where people are blown to bits and not think twice about it, but let someone injure a helpless animal, and he's ready to rumble. He didn't have to stop for the bird, but I'm very glad he did. The vet is going to help the animal heal and it will be set free.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go sew a cape for my super-honey.


Tina said...

Way to go Brother Jim!!!!! Has he saved any kitties on the side of the road latley?! About two weeks ago I was going to see my folks and I was on the outskirts of Torrington when some horses got loose and started to run straight on with the car talk about freaky! I guess I could always call Jim to come rescue the horses (haha)!Your a good guy Jim!

sapheyerblu said...

LOL, Jim says thanks.

You know my hubby, in his eyes, he didn't do anything extraordinary.

He is a good guy, isn't he?

I miss you honey

Huggie said...

That's awesome! I love animals, and I simply hate seeing them get hurt. I'm the same way as your husband...people getting hurt seems more commonplace in movies and the news, but then you hear about an animal getting hurt, I get sad about it since they're so much more helpless and, as pets, they tend to trust their owners to take care of them.

Huggie said...

Man, my last comment was one heck of a run-on sentence, wasn't it? :P

sapheyerblu said...


That's ok. I won't correct your punctuation in the comments section. LOL

Update on the bird, vet released him last night and he flew away with no problems. Whoo Hoo!!!

silken said...

wow, awesome and amazing! :)

sapheyerblu said...

Yeah, I was pretty proud of him. He's just a big softy at heart.