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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tagged once again.

Remember when we played tag as children. The whole premise of the game was to keep from getting tagged, because then you were it, and heaven forbid you should be "it".

Now, as bloggers, we get all giddy when we find out we've been tagged. I am lucky enough to have been tagged once again. My beautiful friend, Danielle, tagged me with the latest "Tips Train". I like this one, as it's more than just a bunch of links. It's filled with tips from blogger all over the world. Everyone has that one little thing that makes their blog stand out from the rest, and this train gives everyone a chance to make themselves a little better, and a little more exposed.

The rules are simple. Just copy and paste the list below. Read through the list of tips and place a star next to the ones you like the best. Finally, add your link and tip at the bottom of the list and send it on to the next group of bloggers.

Look, read, and learn. - ****
Be, EXCELLENT to each other. - ****
Don’t let money change ya! - ****
Always reply to your comments. - *****
Spell check is your friend. - **
Be the blog. -*
Blog about your passions. - *
Write like your talking to a friend. -

If we can keep this train a rollin', there could potentially be wealth of information circulating throughout the blogosphere.

To my friends Sire, Silken, and Ryan, may I just say:

TAG, YOU'RE IT!!!!!!!

UPDATE: I was Graced by the presence of the person who began this train. Here is a link to the full list of links and tips. Thanks Grace for stopping by!!!!!


silken said...

thanks! don't have time right now, but will get to it by this weekend!

Danielle said...

That's a good one! Great addition... I will add it to my post. :)

Danielle said...

By the way there is a little contest going on at since you like contests... thought I would let you know. And it's for charity.

sapheyerblu said...

Yeah, I saw that. Might have to sign up just for the charity factor.

Besides, who wouldn't love a pewter polliwog. :o)

Grace said...

Thanks for participating! Some bloggers are a tad too serious. The full list of blogging tips are here:

sapheyerblu said...

Thanks hon.

I will somehow post this in the blog so anyone else coming along can find their way over.

I love these meme trains. LOL. Not just for the exposure, but just to say I was part of something cool. LOL

Grace said...

Thanks for the mention. :D Meme trains can go a long way-- all over the web!