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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Portuguese movie moguls

A few weeks back, I joined a blog review site called ReviewBack, where bloggers can exchange reviews with other bloggers.

A couple of days ago, I was sent a request for a blog exchange. Well, now that I've had a chance to really check the site out, I've come to the realization that kids are the same all over the world. The site is titled Aaaai! Tal, and though I have no idea what that means, I can tell you that if you've got access to the Internet and own a video camera, you can be a film maker.

These kids are trying hard to create short, humorous films/videos. The thing is that if I didn't know that they were from Portugal, I'd swear that they were kids from down the street. One clip they've posted on their site has them trying to interview a horse about the issue of global warming.

I have to give these kids credit for at least attempting to do something more than just sit around doing nothing with their lives. I would never have the nerve to do some of the things they do, but then again, I'm not a kid anymore.

They do openly ask for ideas for movies. So, if you've got an idea, or just want to check out these Portuguese movie makers, stop by Aaaai! Tal.

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