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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ancients more modern than previously thought

I have so many interests that it's hard to keep them all straight. Besides being a writer, I also enjoy quilting, doing needlepoint, and anything and everything that has to do with ancient history.

I spend a lot of time checking out all the historical websites and latest news on archaeological discoveries. This one was totally cool though. I ran across an article at that tells of a mummy that was found wearing a prosthetic toe. Yes, a toe.

The article goes on to state that the prosthetic shows signs of wear, meaning that it was probably an actual working unit, and not just something put on after death by embalmers. If this turns out to be true, it will push back the date of known prosthetics by 600 to 700 years. How cool is that.

It's amazing that a lot of the things we take for granted as being a "modern" innovation, was thought of thousands of years before by a people we now deem as being "primative".


silken said...

very cool!

sapheyerblu said...

I thought so too. I just love this stuff.

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