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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The world of silk

Remember Sesame Street? There was a bit they did on nearly every show called "Who are the people in your neighborhood?". From time to time, I'll be checking out the sites of the people in my cyberhood.

One of those people is a super-blogger called Silken. This girl totally amazes me as she runs 10 different blogs. I'm doing good to keep 2 of them going without getting totally lost.

A few of my favorite blogs of hers are Family Night and Rhyme Time. Family night is a great blog about things families can do together. One of the coolest ideas on her site is on bird watching. I would never have thought of that.

Rhyme time is a very creative blog in that every post is done in rhyme. It doesn't matter if she's doing a review of another site, or if she's creating a sponsored post, they're all done in a rhyming scheme. Now that takes some thinking.

Another really cool blog by silken is called "Did you know?". She starts each title with those three little words. I am truly inspired by this woman's creativity.

If you'd like to visit these, or any of her other sites, you can check out her little corner of the MyBlogLog world. I highly recommend everyone stop by and visit the world of silk.

1 comment:

silken said...

you are too kind! I appreciate all the kind words, the link love and the visits you make to my sites. good luck w/ this newest blog! it looks like a fun one!