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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Who is Sapheyerblu

Though I've been writing on the Internet for nearly 10 years now, the person I am in life and the person I am online seem to be completely different people. So, I thought I'd tell the world just who I really am.

My real name is Christine and I've been writing for most of my life. My very first writing endeavor happened when I was in the 4th grade. The assignment was to write something based around our names, and at that time my last name was Wickwire. So, I created a burgler alarm that used 100 feet of candle wick and 100 feet of barbed wire. I received an A on the assignment, but more than that, I developed a love of writing.

Skip ahead almost 10 years and we come to the point where I met the man that would become my husband. We began dating in late 1987 and married in May of 1990. We had two wonderful kids who are now 16 and 13. I kept writing, but computers were still a very expensive item and found mainly in offices and schools. I typed all my work out on an old 1950's manual typewriter. If nothing else, it was a good workout for my fingers. LOL

I had my first poem published in a poetry chapbook in 1993. That was all it took for me to decide that writing was what I really wanted to do, but I couldn't afford to take any classes so I started reading everything I could about the publishing industry.

In 1997, we finally got our first computer. I had no idea what I was doing, so I locked myself in my bedroom and learned as much as possible from the Internet. Within a few weeks, I was building my first website, though it was primative at best. I kept writing and found a place for beginners. The instructor's name was Shery Ma Belle Arrieta, who also ran a website called The E-Writer's Place. Within a year, I was writing a column for the site called The Write Sites, where I reviewed different sites for writers.

I also became a content provider for a site called Webseed. My first site there was called Finding The Father and was based on finding God in the modern world. Later that same year, I started another site called PlantLore, which focused on the histories, mysteries, and mythologies of the plant kingdom. Unfortunately, Webseed went under and I lost both sites. It was a great learning experience, though.

I continued to write stories and poetry for different websites for the next couple of years, then in 2004 I started a new website and newsletter called The Prompt Writer, where I offered ideas for writers in an array of categories. I'm still working on that, though I don't update nearly as often as I should.

Today, I still work on The Prompt Writer, as well as my other blog The Sapheyerblu Review, which reviews the various ways of earning money online. I feel at home when I'm writing, no matter what it's about. I love being able to put ideas across to the world, and still get to watch my kids grow. This is the life.


silken said...

love your new blog. it looks like it will be fun. I've posted a short review here .

silken said...

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Sire said...

Heres my review of your newest and brilliant blog. It's short and hopefully sweet.