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Sunday, June 17, 2007


It’s time to take another stroll down the virtual streets of the cyberhood and stop in at an old friend’s site. Welcome to the kingdom of AussieSire.

This Aussie bloke is one of the coolest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to befriend. He runs several blogs on making money online, but he adds his own unique twist to each site.

BlogSire is probably his best work to date. There is a lot of great information here, as well as a wide variety of sponsored posts. This is a true endeavor in earning a living from home.

One of his first sites was a blog titled "Well Blog Me" and is an eclectic collection of sponsored posts, political rants, and news items, with a few jokes thrown in just to make it interesting.

AussieSire is more than just your run-of-the-mill blogger. His sense of humor helps him create some of the best posts on the net. Stop by one of his sites and tell him I said hey!!


Sire said...

I am truly honored. I bow to your skill and blogsmanship.

sapheyerblu said...

Umm, thanks hon. You make me blush.