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Monday, June 18, 2007

Fund Raising Idea

All youth organizations need some way to fund their activities. There are a lot of companies that offer things for these organizations to sell, but nearly all of them require money up front before the actually selling begins.

As a Scout leader, I’ve found a way for my troop to earn some money without spending a small fortune in the beginning. Last year, we held a rummage sale. I had the kids ask their families and friends if they had any unwanted items that they would be willing to donate and was astonished at the response. People cleaned out their closets and basements and donated everything.

The only cost to us was the price of placing a small ad in the local newspaper. We made all the flyers by hand and placed them in shop windows and bulletin boards. The kids made sure that they told everyone they knew what we were doing and it was a great turnout. Every penny we made went into the troop’s account and the kids were able to have an enjoyable time at summer camp.

This fund raiser had very little cost and big rewards. It was easy to set up, as all donations were delivered and everything left over at the end was donated to another charity.

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