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Monday, July 25, 2011

Get The Scoop On The Coupon Scoop

For just over a year now, I've been blogging in the ranks of the “Mommy Bloggers”. And though the name sounds like a bunch of cackling women with babies strapped to their hips, I assure you they're anything but. One of the main things I'm learning more about is couponing and one of the sites I've found that has to do with the in's and out's of couponing is TheCoupon Scoop.

The first thing I noticed about this site is that it's so unlike any of the others, I had to make sure it was up to date. It's not all dressed up and filled to the rim with ads pointing to other sites. It's all about the articles and that's a huge plus in my book. A lot of those sites take so long to upload that I get bored and move on. Not this one.

The first article to catch my attention was on how to tell is your coupon codes are a scam. The reason this caught my eye is that one of the grocery stores in my area quit accepting printed out coupons because of the number of fake ones. So I wanted to know what to look for when using online coupons. I love shopping online and know that you've got to watch for expiration dates or whether there's a limit on number of usages per code. However, I did not know that some sites expect you to pay a fee in order to see the promo codes. Yeah, that would scream scam to me too.

So, the next thing I did was look to see if these people had a Facebook page. I was a little shocked to NOT find a link on their site, but that didn't stop me. I headed over and looked them up and sure enough, there they were. The Coupon Scoop does have a Facebook page and interesting enough, it's actually more spruced up than the site is. I was totally shocked at that, but “liked” them anyway.

The same was true for their TwitterPage. They do have one, but it's not linked up on their site. The cool thing, though, is that they've got way more updates on the Twitter page than they do on either the website or the Facebook page. I'm not a huge Twitter bug, but I did like that they keep theirs way up to date.

If you're looking for a place that offers a ton of coupons to be used both online and off, this is NOT that place. But if you're looking for some insider information on the world of couponing and the dos and don'ts, then you've come to the right site. It's not pretty, but it's informative and sometimes that means more to the reader than all the bells and whistles in the world.

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