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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monday's Muse Meet~N~Greet Week #1

Hey Kids, I've decided to start my very own weekly link-up. Introducing the Monday's Muse Meet~N~Greet. This isn't about giveaways or simple blog hopping, this is about the many bloggers I'm running across who all have one main thing in common; the love of the written word. I've met several awesome book reviewers in the past couple months, and I know a lot of great writers of every genre known, who all have great sites and write like there's no tomorrow. I've even had the pleasure of meeting an author who's a super sweet guy.

So, here's the gist of the whole thing. This is a link up meet~n~greet for readers/writers/reviewers and anyone else who has a site that's about writing in some for or another, to get together and check each other out. I even went and created a brand new button just for the occasion. I like it and I hope you do to.

Mondays Muse Meet-N-Greet

Here are the rules:
1.) Add the Monday's Muse button to your site.
2.) Link up your site to the linky below.
3.) Be sure to let us know if you're an author site, a review site, or just an avid reader. Add the link to your site or page then put the site type in parenthesis. Example: My Link Page (Author).

Now I have to give a shout out to the 2 people who inspired this link up. First of all, I have to give a big HI HONEY to The Girl Next Door Grows Up. She is hosting a monthly "Best Post" link up. This can be a work of fiction, non-fiction, an article, or just a post you really enjoyed writing. The monthly link up is held on the first Sunday of each month and then our little Girly-Girl goes through and reads them all. The following Sunday she announces a winner (which she quickly found out last month is harder than it seems).

Next I have to say HI HONEY to Mystee. She runs an awesome review site called A Moment With Mystee, but that's only part of it. She's also been working on a personal site where she can upload some of her own work and I think that's just way too cool. It's her site, Thesaleigh Truth Walker, that gave me the real inspiration to do this little link up. Not just for her, but for all of us would-be writers that have the drive, but not the network to make things happen.

As far as adding links, you can either link to a single post or an entire site. Please remember that this is NOT for your current giveaway unless you happen to have a book review site and you're giving away one of those books. Or if you happen to be an author giving away copies of your own book. Otherwise, I'd really like to keep this link up for those in and around the writing world itself.

Please help me get the word out about this link up. It will run weekly, from 12:01am on Monday morning of said week through 11:59pm of the following Saturday. A new link up will begin each Monday and I'll showcase one or two blogs/sites/pages per week from the previous week's listings.

Let's get this party started and meet some reading/reviewing/writing people.

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