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Monday, April 5, 2010

Win A Vintage Rose Ring

I've always been a huge fan of the jewelry from the late 30's through the early 50's. I think it's because I used to spend hours playing with all my grandmother's costume jewelry. Had I known how big vintage pieces would become, I'd have been a whole lot more careful with it. But, I'm starting to see a lot of places that are either selling pieces, or jewelry makers who are creating pieces that resemble those old pieces.

I just found a new giveaway for a gorgeous vintage rose ring. The giveaway site is Mint Green with Envy and I just love the pieces she manages to get for her giveaways. In this giveaway, she's working with the creative genius behind Opus Muse. One of the hundreds of awesome Etsy shops that sell handmade items.

As soon as I saw thing ring, I thought of my grandmother. She was a little Irish woman and she had a style all her own. She wasn't rich, but the lady had class. And this ring just seems to embody her essence. The main entry into this contest involves checking out the whole Opus Muse site and finding something that stands out from the rest to you. Personally, I love the Bermuda Blue Looking Glass necklace. Being a September baby, I have a soft spot for anything that looks like a sapphire.

Head on over to Mint Green With Envy and get in on this giveaway. You have until April 18th before a winner is chosen. You never know, you just might win.


Anonymous said...

I just love jewelry giveaways. Thanks for spreading the word.

Christine said...

My pleasure hon. I have a soft spot for anything that looks vintage or antique. Especially jewelry.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

OpusMuse said...

Hi Christine, thank you for your kinds words about my jewelry. It's always nice to know that it reminds you of someone dear.

I love collecting jewelry & in the recent year vintage ones too, hence you'll see some vintage influences in my designs. I absolutely enjoy searching for unique & rare vintage findings to incorporate in my designs as many of them are rare and different from those you get in the mass market.

I'm glad you won my first giveaway! The ring will be coming to you soon...please email your address to me at

xx nicole

Christine said...

Thanks again Nicole. I just got home from Chicago, so please forgive me not getting this posted sooner.

You have a gorgeous collection and I highly recommend your shop to anyone who loves that vintage feel.

Thanks again,